The Farmers Almanac and are both consistent in predicting a much colder winter than we’ve had in some time and above average snowfall in the Northeast and Midwest. Brrrrr. Who wants that? Not you. Come escape the bitter cold and the backbreaking shoveling and enjoy warm coffee on our deck that looks out into the ocean. Need more incentive? How about sinking into luxurious beds that wrap your body in comfort? One more – our home is not your typical snowbird rental or beach getaway. Its a true home that’s been invested in and cared for and waiting for you to experience the luxury our guests have.

We have painted the interior and the exterior was painted last fall. We upgraded our HVAC this summer, we have brand new deck furniture and have stocked the kitchen even more. You will truly find everything you need at our home – inside, outside and at our little slice of heaven – Holden Beach. What are you waiting for?

…or this?

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Why Holden Beach (and of course, OB West Indies!)

Many of our guests are first time visitors to Holden Beach and are typically comparing it against either the Outer Banks or Myrtle Beach.  Here’s WHY people choose Holden…and why you should too!


Voted one of the top 10 beaches in the nation by USA Today Readers, Holden Beach is truly a sparkling gem nestled on the deep blue Atlantic Ocean coastline. Holden Beach stretches nine miles long and is largely residential with 900 permanent residents. National Geographic’s Traveler magazine ranked the placid community as one of the best family beaches in the country. Throughout the main tourist season, May through August, the beach comes alive with families from around the world and the population increases to nearly 15,000 people. As the growth of the Island continues, across on the mainland new shops and restaurants are springing up. A new shopping center was recently built about a mile inland with a grocery store, a Chinese restaurant, a pizza place, a sub shop, an old fashioned ice cream shop and movie store.


Ever constant are the amusements in the area; Treasure Island offers a little something for everyone with two go kart race tracks (one for younger children), bumper boats, a rock climbing wall, carousel, ice cream shop and arcade with pool tables as well as an 18- hole mini-golf course. Bring the kids to the water slide on the warm summer days and make sure to take their picture as they slide down the slides at Magic Mountain.

For those who love to fish, the Holden Beach Pier is the place to visit. In a world where wooden piers are becoming a thing of the past, being replaced with concreted structures, Holden Beach Pier stands on large wooden pilings and is the perfect place to take sunset photos.

The heartbeat of Holden Beach is its beloved turtle nesting program. This North Carolina beach is fortunate to be a nesting beach for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. This protected species begins nesting on the beach at night in mid May and continues to nest thru August, sometimes into September. The babies start hatching in July, usually continuing into October. Watching turtle ‘boilings’ or hatchings is an unforgettable experience.

Holden Beach is a treasured year-round vacation spot. The annual Festival by the Sea, held on the beach in October, displays many different local artists and vendors from the area. Oysters, in season, are cooked over a wood fire though there are many different types of cuisines served – from Italian sausages and Funnel Cakes to Shrimp Bog and Barbeque. There is so much in the area to enjoy, Holden Beach offers a beautiful beach, laidback atmosphere and so much more. Come and discover why this quiet hidden treasure has been named among the best of the best beaches in the United States.

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Happy Summer Friends!

Is Summer Here to Stay?

I cannot even believe how GLORIOUS this week has been.  I actually went running every single day this week (it’s usually a Sunday morning long one).  No humidity in North Carolina is, of course, a dream.  The temperatures have brought out the best in everyone and we are all now thinking of Summer.   Next week is forecasted to be similar – I almost can’t take it.  I’m one of those people who love all four seasons (read:  all FOUR seasons).  I would have loved a good snow, but the holidays this year were so perfect for us, that when it started warming up, I was looking forward to Spring.  Of course, that lasted, what, a hot second?  Anyhow, I for one, would love 70ish degree weather, no humidity and late night rains to carry us through the end of May.  Then, let’s turn it up to 90 and hit the beach!


Speaking of hitting the beach – look at these three.  Can you guess what they are?  It’s a family of dolphins right in the break of the waves.  Just gorgeous!  I took these two years ago, in March.  We were at OB West Indies getting our home ready for the season.  We’d go down to the beach every morning around 9:30 and there they were – for three days straight.  They would swim from the pier to the Sunset Isle end of the beach.  Then, around 2:00, we would be on the beach again and they would be swimming back towards the pier.

I’m telling you – if you have ever seen dolphins, you know what I’m saying here.  It’s almost an ethereal feeling.  They are so graceful and emit love, and then to see a mom and dad swimming with a baby…put it on your bucket list!  Promise.

Enjoy the weekend and coming week!  GO TARHEELS!