Acclaimed Holden Beach is a Nationally Known “Top 10 Family Beach”


Here at Holden Beach you won’t find flashing neon signs or high-rise buildings– due to building height restrictions of only 35 feet. Holden Beach is focused on being a small ” family beach”. In the 2005 Yahoo! “Spring Vacation Guide”, Holden Beach was ranked #4 for the Top Ten places to buy a second home. Again in the Spring of 2012, Holden Beach was recognized by National Geographic Traveler Magazine as one of the 38 Best American Beaches. Holden Beach was rated 9th out of all US beaches in the Family Beach category . Points were awarded for various categories such as sand softness, water temperature and clarity, and number of sunny days per year. Holden Beach, NC is one of America’s Top Ten Family Beaches! Other awards and recognitions have also been given to Holden Beach as one of America’s few “Healthy Beach” award winners.

OB West Indies would love to host your stay, where you can experience the all the beauty and gifts Holden Beach has to offer!



Surf’s UP!

So what would you do if you were laying out on the beach and all the sudden saw something about 10 feet long, black and right in the break of the wave?  Freak?  I might.  But, my odd sense of curiosity would get the better of me and once I knew my family and I were safe, I’d investigate.  In fact, I am quite certain my 10 year old daughter would be in lock step with me.

Okay – so what’s the deal?  How about a big ol’ gator rolling ashore!  WOW!!!  We weren’t down there to see it, but I wish would have been.  Here’s the skinny from the Brunswick Beacon!

“Shane Holden took this photo of crews rescuing an alligator from the ocean surf in Holden Beach today. He writes: “About once every few years we get an alligator that gets flushed out of the Lockwood Folly river just to our east. When it rains a lot an alligator gets washed out the river into the ocean. This morning, we had a big one! He was about 11ft and weighed over 200lbs. It played in the surf for over 2 hours while we wiated for the Wildlife guy to show up and remove it.”




Why Holden Beach (and of course, OB West Indies!)

Many of our guests are first time visitors to Holden Beach and are typically comparing it against either the Outer Banks or Myrtle Beach.  Here’s WHY people choose Holden…and why you should too!


Voted one of the top 10 beaches in the nation by USA Today Readers, Holden Beach is truly a sparkling gem nestled on the deep blue Atlantic Ocean coastline. Holden Beach stretches nine miles long and is largely residential with 900 permanent residents. National Geographic’s Traveler magazine ranked the placid community as one of the best family beaches in the country. Throughout the main tourist season, May through August, the beach comes alive with families from around the world and the population increases to nearly 15,000 people. As the growth of the Island continues, across on the mainland new shops and restaurants are springing up. A new shopping center was recently built about a mile inland with a grocery store, a Chinese restaurant, a pizza place, a sub shop, an old fashioned ice cream shop and movie store.


Ever constant are the amusements in the area; Treasure Island offers a little something for everyone with two go kart race tracks (one for younger children), bumper boats, a rock climbing wall, carousel, ice cream shop and arcade with pool tables as well as an 18- hole mini-golf course. Bring the kids to the water slide on the warm summer days and make sure to take their picture as they slide down the slides at Magic Mountain.

For those who love to fish, the Holden Beach Pier is the place to visit. In a world where wooden piers are becoming a thing of the past, being replaced with concreted structures, Holden Beach Pier stands on large wooden pilings and is the perfect place to take sunset photos.

The heartbeat of Holden Beach is its beloved turtle nesting program. This North Carolina beach is fortunate to be a nesting beach for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. This protected species begins nesting on the beach at night in mid May and continues to nest thru August, sometimes into September. The babies start hatching in July, usually continuing into October. Watching turtle ‘boilings’ or hatchings is an unforgettable experience.

Holden Beach is a treasured year-round vacation spot. The annual Festival by the Sea, held on the beach in October, displays many different local artists and vendors from the area. Oysters, in season, are cooked over a wood fire though there are many different types of cuisines served – from Italian sausages and Funnel Cakes to Shrimp Bog and Barbeque. There is so much in the area to enjoy, Holden Beach offers a beautiful beach, laidback atmosphere and so much more. Come and discover why this quiet hidden treasure has been named among the best of the best beaches in the United States.

So…What are you waiting for!!!!  Book your stay today!!! 

Happy Summer Friends!

Holden Beach Festivals are Kicking Up!

Days at the Docks – April 28 & 29, 2012

Spring (maybe Summer) are officially here and what does it remind you of?  Music, food and sun!  What better place to find it than at your vaction at Holden Beach!!!  The first festival of the season kicks off in two weeks – Days at the Docks!

Started in the 1980s, the Springtime festival called “Days at the Docks” hosts over 50 arts and crafts vendors and a dozen food vendors. This year the event is being held April 28 & 29, with vendors selling their wares under the Holden Beach Bridge.

Days at the Docks is free to the public with free parking and free live entertainment all day. This year there will be a King Mackerel and Flounder Fishing Tournament with 4 cash prizes. Also new this year, there will be a Cornhole Tournament in addition to the traditional Horse Shoe Tournament. For the kids, there will be inflatable rides, huge kites flying overhead and a free children’s area with games and face painting.

We are now officially booked through the prime Summer weeks.  We still have some great spots open in May – the weather is gorgeous and the beaches uncrowded.  So grab your flip flops, your fishing pole and a bottle of wine and kick off the season at OB West Indies!

Happy Spring!

Carolina Blue!

Happy Spring Friends!

As March Madness winds down to a depressing non-Carolina finish, a trip to the beach reminded me that my passion for Carolina Blue still lives!

How you say? 

After Kendall Marshall broke his wrist, I have to admit, my hopes were dashed for another crown…and sure enough…it played out.  The potential of my Hoops Pool winnings went from a $225 payout (a standing I held for a most of they tourney).  March Madness Depression, let’s go ahead and name this as an official condition, struck me hard. 

But wait!  This weekend, we went to Holden Beach and with the richness of the Carolina Blue sky surrounding us and the sun glittering on the casual tiny waves, all cares were washed away.  The sky was such a deep gorgeous blue and there were tons of birds and dolphins all around.  We helped clean up the beach, filling less than a quarter of a trash bag because there is literally no trash.  We fed the birds crackers and and dug for the little clam like things.  For real….that’s the ultimate cure.

Enjoy the photo…and then come live the experience!

Here’s to a 2013 NCAA Crown Tarheels!!!