Resolution: OB West Indies in 2014

Soooo, it’s clearly been awhile, okay, a very long while, since I’ve posted here. I can give the typical excuses: work, kids, where’s the time go, you know the litany. My answer is the same on my SATs (D) – all of the above :-). Anyhow, all jokes aside, in my (manageable) list of 5 New Years Resolutions, I am officially resolving to spend more time at the beach this year. I find when you write things down, they actually do happen. It goes into the “universe” and therefore, on whatever level, you become accountable. So, to all of you reading this – I am now accountable – to my family and myself for getting our arses down to the beach more frequently. The benefit is clear – rest, relax, fuel up, spend quality time, make memories, the list goes on and on.

My amazing husband sent me this link (was it a hint?) probably yes. Anyhow, it was so good it kicked me in the proverbial and forced me to make the beach visits on my Top 5 Resolutions.

WARNING: Clicking here will bump one of your New Years Resolutions for a stay at OB West Indies :-). Cheers to the New Year!!!!

Can Summer Please Get Here? Well, at least the SUN??????

Okay, I know, FOR SURE, that everyone is done with this crappy psycho weather.  Snow in May?  Really?

Bring on the Beach Man!!!

Like now.

In all seriousness, I am so ready for the summer, and I know you are too.  Everyone is well underway planning their summer vacations.  Airline prices are down 18% (bonus), and the summer is projected to be a beautiful one, according to the Farmers Almanac.  We’ve had a lighter spring than usual – but the inquiries for the summer are WAY up.  Why wouldn’t they be – the weather is perfect at Holden, the crowds are north and south of us, it’s just a peaceful, perfect stretch of beach, perfect for your family vacation.

We spent Spring Break at OB West Indies, getting it ready for the summer season.  It was COLD I tell ya!  40*.  EEK.  But we made the best of it by fine tuning and tweaking the place, restocking the kitchen and deep cleaning.  It’s perfect for our guests.  

We did make good use of the time outside of cleaning too!  We went to Myrtle Beach and spent a super fun day there.  We went to some of their attractions and had some great seafood as well.  For a “tourist destination” we definitely had fun.

We also took in some of the local attractions in Shallotte and Supply.  We saw a movie, played laser tag and got delicious ice cream from Beaches n’ Cream.

So, even when it’s cold, the beach is the place to be.  Hands down.

I didn’t even check my work email.

Well, twice.

See you at the beach!

Happy 2013 from Holden Beach and OB West Indies!


Holden Beach

Already thinking about Spring Break or Summer?  I am!!!!  I love love love the holidays, but when it’s done, it’s done.  So bring on the beach!  Whether it’s Spring, Summer or Fall – it’s always perfect at Holden and you are at home at OB West Indies.  For those of you who don’t know, Holden Beach is a quiet little hamlet along the Intracoastal Waterway, halfway between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach. With pristine beaches and unspoiled natural areas—the island is both a family-friendly destination and a naturalist’s dream. You won’t find high rises and neon lights here—in fact, a city ordinance requires that no building exceed 35 feet. What will find is a long stretch of sand and surf and an escape from the frazzled world of everyday life.


Year after year, Holden North Carolina appears at the top of the list for favorite family beaches. When the weather is warm, moms, dads, kids, and others gather along the shore to enjoy a day in the sun. Air and water temperatures can run at least ten degrees higher than they do at the Outer Banks. In fact, the weather is rather pleasant here most of the year, especially in the summer.


Check out this great article at Best

And when you are ready to book your vacation, you can find us HERE!







The Farmers Almanac and are both consistent in predicting a much colder winter than we’ve had in some time and above average snowfall in the Northeast and Midwest. Brrrrr. Who wants that? Not you. Come escape the bitter cold and the backbreaking shoveling and enjoy warm coffee on our deck that looks out into the ocean. Need more incentive? How about sinking into luxurious beds that wrap your body in comfort? One more – our home is not your typical snowbird rental or beach getaway. Its a true home that’s been invested in and cared for and waiting for you to experience the luxury our guests have.

We have painted the interior and the exterior was painted last fall. We upgraded our HVAC this summer, we have brand new deck furniture and have stocked the kitchen even more. You will truly find everything you need at our home – inside, outside and at our little slice of heaven – Holden Beach. What are you waiting for?

…or this?

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Enjoy the Fall at Holden Beach!

Happy Fall Y’All! We are running a promotion this fall for weekend rentals!


Our nightly rate is usually $125, and we are offering a 10% discount off that. Check us out! The weekends won’t all last!

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