Is Summer Here to Stay?

I cannot even believe how GLORIOUS this week has been.  I actually went running every single day this week (it’s usually a Sunday morning long one).  No humidity in North Carolina is, of course, a dream.  The temperatures have brought out the best in everyone and we are all now thinking of Summer.   Next week is forecasted to be similar – I almost can’t take it.  I’m one of those people who love all four seasons (read:  all FOUR seasons).  I would have loved a good snow, but the holidays this year were so perfect for us, that when it started warming up, I was looking forward to Spring.  Of course, that lasted, what, a hot second?  Anyhow, I for one, would love 70ish degree weather, no humidity and late night rains to carry us through the end of May.  Then, let’s turn it up to 90 and hit the beach!


Speaking of hitting the beach – look at these three.  Can you guess what they are?  It’s a family of dolphins right in the break of the waves.  Just gorgeous!  I took these two years ago, in March.  We were at OB West Indies getting our home ready for the season.  We’d go down to the beach every morning around 9:30 and there they were – for three days straight.  They would swim from the pier to the Sunset Isle end of the beach.  Then, around 2:00, we would be on the beach again and they would be swimming back towards the pier.

I’m telling you – if you have ever seen dolphins, you know what I’m saying here.  It’s almost an ethereal feeling.  They are so graceful and emit love, and then to see a mom and dad swimming with a baby…put it on your bucket list!  Promise.

Enjoy the weekend and coming week!  GO TARHEELS!


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