OB West Indies Welcomes Spring to Holden Beach

Happy Spring Everyone!

This is our first post on our new Blog. We are excited to use this site to share great guest stories, photos and video of our home at Holden Beach. You may be asking…”How did you come about the name “OB West Indies” for your condo? Well, our family loves the beach. Sadly, because of work, and busy kids, we don’t get there as much as we would like, but nonetheless, we love it. Hence…Outer Banks (OB). Then, Dave and I got married in the West Indies in the Caribbean. Clearly, it holds a special place for us. And, there becomes…West Indies. As I said, we aren’t able to get there as much as we would like, but that provide more opportunities for you to see the treasures that are Holden Beach in the comfort of OB West Indies.

People often wonder what all the hype is about Holden Beach. Some would even say it’s got a cult like following. I could list many reasons, but I will list the Top 3.

  1. It’s Pristine. The photo here is what you will see. I guarantee it. This is Holden in the morning, just steps away from OB West Indies. The beaches are immaculate, the dunes are protected and the water is always calm and clear. All the owners work very hard to keep Holden beautiful.
  2. It’s Quiet. Accessible only by a singular bridge (which, BTW is a thrill ride the first time you do it), the view is 360* from the causeway to the ocean. Because of this, traffic is very limited. There aren’t cars zipping up and down, nor are there tons of stores and restaurants lining the beach. That said – you want action? 40 minutes south – Myrtle Beach – anything, everything with a cherry on the top.
  3. It’s Perfect. When you go to the beach, you are looking for sun, sand and great memories. That’s what Holden is. Perfect sunrises and sunsets, fine grain sand and whenever you want – freshly caught shrimp. The restaurants are all locally owned and often times have live music in the evenings. To me, and to all of you who love to vacation at the beach…this is perfect. I mean really, does it get any better?

We’re thrilled you found us. We will keep everyone updated as the season progresses. We have some wonderful couples and families who have already booked up our Spring season!

Sunny regards!

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